Give Your WordPress Blog a Makeover – For Free!

As someone who runs the free version of an active wordpress blog and is a complete dummy at anything designing, I genuinely understand how daunting and impossibly pretty other websites look, and how drab and boring your own looks in comparison.

Fortunately, I have recently given my website a makeover for absolutely zero money – it is very much possible! As you can see, I am no pro, but I am quite happy with what I have created here.

If you would like to learn a thing or two from my experience, keep reading on for easy and inexpensive ways to amp up your blog design!

#1: A Fun colour palette

I know it might seem like an impossible decision with basically infinite number of colours to choose from!

Going with your favourite colour is the most obvious choice. But if you are like me, you don’t have a single favorite color. Or maybe too many favorite ones – all in different contexts ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

Try thinking about the type of vibe or mood you would want to create for your blog. If your blog was a person, what would he/she/they be like? Classy & Sophisticated? Broody and mysterious? Fun and happy-go-lucky?

Each colour has a specific mood associated with it. Pick the mood you want to project, and you will be good to go! Remember, avoid picking too many colours or colours that clash, say red and pink. The trick is to select 2-3 colours, though you may also go for a single colour to keep things simple.

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#2: Create the shiny new blog header

If you know how to use a designing platform such as Photoshop, I envy you already.

But if you are a dummy like me, this tutorial is for you!

I created my header using free graphics from AngieMakes and overlaying text on it using Canva. It was easy-peasy! There are a lot many places you can get more free and pretty graphics from, such as HungryJpeg, Pexels and Unsplash

If you are willing to shell out some money, AngieMakes has some gorgeous feminine themes, blog kits and pre-made logos at really affordable prices! These are super easy to install and can really make your website look super professional and .

PRO TIP: Remember that you might want to rethink your colour palette based on your choice of blog header, especially if you are going for a free resource and not creating one yourself.

#3: Jazz up your sidebar

Believe it or not, your sidebar can be a game-changer for your blog design.

The sidebar is the single place where you can tactfully include a splash of colours from your palette and really bring your whole visual identity together.

The easiest way to do this is to create graphics for the headings of widgets you want to place in your sidebar. This can be easily done using Canva, and included in your sidebar in the form of images.

For example, I created this pretty headings for my sidebar using Canva! The background paint swashes are picked up from AngieMakes.

#4: Include Gorgeous Post Dividers

Post Dividers can really jazz up your blog posts! (Do you like the floral divider I am using?)

Dividers provide a colourful, visual relief to your blog posts and are a great way to include your colour palette! You can choose to have multiple dividers for different purposes or go with a single one.

For dividers, you can choose to play with your blog header’s base image and related images, or use something like fancy swirls and patterns. All it takes is a simple google search to discover tonnes of free resources online.

PRO TIP: Ensure that the image/graphic being used by you is not copyrighted. Check out Pixabay, Freepik and Pngtree for some amazing designs.

#5: A Splash of Colour Everywhere!

Cannot think of other places on your website to include a bit of colour? Here are some ideas:

  • Background colour for text
  • Featured Images
  • Blog Post Titles and Subtitles

Did you found this post useful? Share your pretty blogs with me!

Do you have any expert tips and tricks you use to make your blog attractive? Or do you have any questions on anything I shared? Let me know in comments below!

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