Pinterest 101: How to get started on Pinterest and Drive Insane traffic to your blog

I have only been using Pinterest for past 3 months, but needless to say, I AM OBSESSED.

This amazing platform has done wonders for my blog statistics. With Pinterest, I was able to increase my monthly views by 10x and even achieve 1K views a day – that too in my second month of blogging! I am still getting 150+ views on my blog every day, all thanks to Pinterest.

Yes, it was intimidating at first. No, it wasn’t that difficult. And no, it isn’t only for recipes.

My Pinterest Statistics

Before I go further, here are my Pinterest statistics at the time of writing this post:


I receive ~340K monthly viewers on my pins, and have 250 followers. This translates to roughly 100-120 visitors to my blog every day coming from Pinterest.

Pinterest is my single largest source of traffic, accounting for more than 75% of my traffic. It is even more important to me as a book blogger, since it is practically the only means for me to reach to wider audiences (other than fellow book bloggers and authors). This is because it might be almost impossible for me to reach even the first five pages of any normal search engine.

How does Pinterest work?

The most amazing thing about Pinterest is, that it is an amalgamation of a search engine and a social media platform. While it has an interface similar to a social media platform, it uses an algorithm in background to ensure that your feed is populated only by the kind of content that you want to see.

So, while there is a concept of garnering followers on Pinterest, the number of views that your content will get has absolutely nothing to do with the number of followers you have. If your content is original and appealing (as per the algorithm), it will appear in the feed of tens of thousands of people irrespective of whether they are following you or not.

To put this in perspective, I have about ~250 followers as of now, and ~300K monthly viewers on Pinterest. Two months back, I had ~100 followers on Pinterest, and still ~200K monthly viewers on Pinterest.

Why is Pinterest the most effective platform to drive traffic to your blog?

What is so special and amazing about Pinterest that it beats all other social media platforms and even the good ole’ Google, Yahoo and Bing search?

  • The newer, the better: Unlike other search engines, the newer your pins are, the more views they will get. No need to wait months or even years to build domain authority.
  • Older content stays relevant: Unlike social media, the pins you created months ago will continue getting views and bringing in traffic.

Isn’t it unbelievably amazing?

So here’s how you get started on Pinterest.

#1: Create a *business account*

It is completely free of charge! If you already have a Pinterest account for your blog, you can simply switch it to a business account as well.

This is the most basic and mandatory step to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. A business account offers much more functionality than a personal account, such as being able to track and analyse your statistics.

Get complete information on how to get a business account on the official website of Pinterest.

#2: Claim your website/accounts

To get access to analytics for your content and to ensure that any content you post on your website gets automatically added to your Pinterest, you need to link your website to Pinterest. The same can be done for your Instagram, Etsy and Youtube accounts as well.

Find more details on this and the steps on the official Pinterest website.

#3: Set up your profile

As with any other platform, setting up a strong and relevant profile is necessary to portray a professional image. With Pinterest, it is even more important, as this will contribute towards discoverability.

As Pinterest is technically a ‘search-engine‘, keywords are important to ensure that your content is visible to the relevant audience.

Display Name: The go-to technique to set a display name is <blog name>| Topic 1 | Topic 2 | Topic 3 . For example, my display name on Pinterest is My Bookish Banter || Book Blog | Book Reviews | Book Lists. This ensures that your blog name as well as its niche/category is included in your title.

Username: Your Pinterest account will be accessible at the link So it is a good idea to have your username as close to your blog name as possible to avoid confusion. Eg. My username is ‘mybookishbanter’, and my account is at

About your profile: This is where you describe what can be found on your blog. Consider this as a twitter bio for your blog, but more descriptive.

Once your profile is set up, your account will look something like this:

Some other great examples are shown below!

#4: Create relevant boards

Now comes the daunting part.

I would suggest starting by creating 5-7 different boards about topics that you blog about. These boards do not need to be mutually exclusive, but different enough that you do not end up pinning the same content to all of them.

As a book blogger, I started with ‘Book Reviews’, ‘Book Lists’ , ‘Book Recommendations’, ‘Bookish Discussions’ and ‘Best Book Quotes’. I also created a board called ‘My Bookish Banter Posts’, which is my default board for posting all my content.

It is completely ok to create boards which are sub-categories of other boards. For example, I could have created ‘Fiction book reviews’ and ‘Mystery/Thriller Book Reviews’ alongside ‘Book Reviews’. It is an individual choice based on what kind of content you post.

Do not fret and try to figure it out all at once! I keep changing my structure regularly and have renamed or deleted previous boards and created new boards later on.

#5: Create Pins

Now that you have created boards, all that remains is creating content to post on these boards!

I admit that this was scary and intimidating at first. Despite having consumed content on Pinterest for years, I had no idea about how to actually create pins.

The key is to just give it a go! I created my first few pins with no idea about which fonts look best or which graphic should I use. I used Pexels and Unsplash for images, and Canva for editing. It is helpful to look at other pins for design inspiration, but I stuck to simple designs with a single font.

Some of my best performing pins are shown below:

As you can see, I am not the most creative person when it comes to creating pins. Surprisingly, I discovered that creativity is not very necessary when it comes to creating pins. Which works perfectly for me 😀

The common link in all my well-performing pins has been an easy to read font and a clearly visible title. Ofcourse, it also depends on the topic itself. Book lists tend to do much much better than book reviews, but that is the truth for every book blogger.

Now What?

Now that you have the basics in place, you need to keep creating fresh pins and pinning them to relevant boards. In addition, here are some other things you can do:

Follow other relevant bloggers and pin their content: This contributes towards your activity levels, which is a parameter in Pinterest algorithm.

Join group boards: Group Boards are Pinterest boards with multiple contributors. Joining relevant group boards exposes your content to newer audiences. However, don’t overdo it. Pick 5-6 most relevant group boards and analyze how your content performs on those over time.

Create pin templates to create pins in bulk: There are tons of free pin templates on the web. Or you can create your own. Having 20-30 go-to templates will help you create pins in bulk and fast!

Analyse your statistics: I will do a complete post on it soon. To start with, you can analyse which pin designs are performing the best and why.

Free Online Resources

#1: Pinterest Power Mini-Training 5 Day Course by Summer Tannhauser: This super awesome and totally free course by Summer takes you through the basics of Pinterest over 5 days. I can vouch for it as I took this course when I was starting off on Pinterest and it is super helpful! The videos are short and easily understandable and cover the basic doubts related to Pinterest.

#2: Pinterest Bundle by Whatblogshermind: I discovered this only a few weeks ago and it is a treasure mine! A bundle of a whopping 150 Pinterest designs and that too free? Talk about being generous. All her designs are editable on Canva and very attractive. Go sign up now!

To Wrap Up…

Pinterest definitely looks daunting at first, and creating the visual content might seem like an unnecessary headache. But rest assured, it has the potential to drive an insane amount of traffic to your blog!

I believe that blogging is much more than numbers and statistics, but being able to expose your content to wider audiences definitely has its merits. That being said, every view counts, and I am grateful for every person who has visited my blog and given it a chance.

I will be talking more about creating pin-worthy content for Pinterest and analyzing your Pinterest statistics in future blog posts. Till then, I hope this post encourages you to give Pinterest a go!

I hope that you found this post helpful!
Do you use Pinterest for your website? Or do you have any other questions that I can answer for you?

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14 thoughts on “Pinterest 101: How to get started on Pinterest and Drive Insane traffic to your blog

  1. This was so helpful! I’m new to book blogging, and while I’m familiar with other social media platforms, I have very little experience with Pinterest. Thank you for this post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the tips! My Pinterest account is finally starting to draw traffic to my site. Do you have any good recommendations for book blogger group boards that I can follow? Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Laura! I have tried multiple and have stuck with ‘Keeping Up with the Book Bloggers’, All About Books’, ‘Reading Corner-Bookish Group Board’, ‘The Readers Lounge’ and ‘Group Blogger Board’ by BooksNest.

      There is a constant debate over if being a part of group boards has any effect on traffic, but personally I have seen a decent engagement from being a part of these boards…hope you keep increasing traffic to your site!

      Liked by 1 person

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